Monday, August 1, 2011

Baby, it's HOT outside !!

As I may have mentioned, we're setting heat records right and left here in north central Texas...ugh !
As I type at 3:49 pm it's 107. That's not the heat index, that's the actual temprature. So, progress has slowed but we're still crawling forward on the contruction.  It's just too hot to do too much at once; frequent breaks and lots of water and Gator aid and still, you can't go on for long.

BUT ! We've finished the big sliding barn door and got it hung, finished the dividing wall between the garage and the green house and that's two walls out of four complete !

First, let's talk again about recycled and re-recycled materials.  A cloth company gets huge sheets of fiberglass impregnated plastic, which they use as cutting mats. Once the mats are too scarred to use, because the fabric snags on the scars, it gives them to my husbands' company to use between layers of bottles when they are stacked on pallets. But, the sheets are a bit too big, so they cut off one end to make them fit.  Dh brought the cut off ends home (well some of them) and we decided to see where they could be used. How about at the bottom of the wall, where it will touch the ground, so it won't rot or rust out ? Perfect. So, we did. We're also thinking of cutting some fish tail shingles out of them for one gable end of the roof line.....later.

We had some old doors, one out of this house and one out of a previous house, that were in the barn. Cobbled together, they made an awesome barn-style sliding door, using the track from a barn we tore down a long time ago. The old well house had some improbably painted pink and blue shelves in it, cut into strips they made the stabilizing cross members on the doors. An old handle from the torn down barn is perfect to slide it back and forth.

Here, let me show you what I mean:

The first shot is the stack of cut off ends, the second is a close up of the material. Notice the zig zag patterns over and over where stacks of cloth were machine cut ? The last picture is where we've used it at the bottom of the wall, buried in the gravel.

These are shots of the wall, before the door is hung. The top picture is from the greenhouse side, the bottom one from the garage side.
Here is my big door, made from two old doors.

Here is the complete wall, with the sliders up and the door hung. Notice the windows ? The two directly beside the sliding door are plexiglass. They are actually the bottom part of two old storm doors, these are the panels that slide up and down to cover or reveal the screen door portion,. We used mirror clips to mount them.  The two windows at the end are from an old trailer house, and they were in the barn when we bought this place. They are quite dirty now, but I'll get around to cleaning them one of these days LOL !
 Here is the back door of the mouse hole. The fron is painted in my kitchen base board, and this one is painted in my home office base boards. 
 Here is a good shot of the door, and the sliding mechanism.
 Old pink and blue shelves, cut up, are used to connect and strengthen the door.
 This is Crumbly, he is painted on the baseboard in my kitchen.  Do you think I have a sense of whimsey ? This is how I want the greenhouse to turn out as well, fun and funky and whimsical.
Here is the complete wall from the garage side.

Next we tackle the front of the building. Big windows, a fixed door and a functional door, as well as an old screen door salvaged from an old store !! Stay tuned !