Saturday, November 5, 2011

Still more pictures

The back inside wall, clad in old barn boards. See the hinges ? A light will hang from them and a work table will be below.

We had a frost, so the first tenents have moved in already !

We still have to finish the electric and run the water. But, for a bit, I am just going to enjoy it.

Thanks for lookin' !!

More pictures of finished structure

Seriously, we never thought it would take this long. Record heat and drought, combined with DH having a major job change -- well, it just took a long time to finish. But, finished it is ! We used so much recycled material, I am so pleased. We had a door with windows in the top, which we cut in half and used in the eves. We used a set of french doors as wall panels. Both access doors are hung from rollers salvaged from an old barn, and the entire back inside wall is clad in old barn wood, old barn doors and part of an old corn crib. The front wall is glass above (recycled windows) and wood below, and the wood is more of the corn crib.

Just for fun we added a cat door to one side. One of our outside cats used to hand out in the well house that we demolised to make this greenhouse. We felt like she should be allowed in and we made her a fancy door.

The corner bead on the sideways picture (seriously, why won't that stay rotated ?) used to be ridge cap on a barn. I think it looks great !
We did buy one sheet of polyvinyl to use in the eves about the front. It is a difficult space because of the roof slope and the windows I'd save for that space would work after all. So, tired and ready to get it enclosed, we bought one sheet of poly. It was an excellent solution as it is easy to cut and install. I hope it holds up to hail !

We're done !!!