Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Shoring up a major corner.....or OH, Crap that looks rotted ??!?!?!

The front corner where we had to take down the block wall (bad morter, no rebar, crumbling) had roof framing above it. Since the rain and damp was sufficient to destroy morter, it stands to reason the wood would not fare well either. And, it didn't.  So once we got all the debris out of the way (not hard, the wood crumbled at a touch) we had to take a bit of time to figure out how to reengineer that corner.  Luckily when we bought the lot of wood from the auction (see earlier posts) we got a 24 foot glue laminated header board. You talk about heavy -- holy cow !  We were able to use it and an add'l 4x4 and shore up the roof and corner of the building. It was a time suck but it was very necessary.  Here are the not glamorous pictures of the solution:
Not elegant but very sturdy !

Then, once this corner was stable we were able to add a header to what will be the front wall.....

And we're on our way now !  But, it is a holiday weekend and you can't be all work and no play....so here is some other stuff we did this weekend.....

Truck and Tractor Pulls at Whitewright Texas

Sweetie loaded up the smoker with turkey, brisket and ribs !
And, as Alex calls it, we "popped fire"

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