Thursday, June 16, 2011

Do we have a plan ? We don't need no stinking plans !!

This is what we're starting with. The structure behind the tree, to the left of the parking area. The tree has to go, and it's big.  There's another tree that has to come down as well. Tree felling is scary as hell and we were crazy to do it ourselves.  My hairy half fears nothing, and has a big tractor.  I don't suggest anyone do this themselves unless they've been trained for it and have safety equipment. Us, we were just lucky that the angels protect fools I guess. First we started tearing out the old well house. That round-ish thing on the left is the new well. It's temporary house is an old water cistern whose bottome has rusted out. Did I mention I am a scrap scrounging fool ? I like to say I am "green" and recycle, but I've been scrounging long before green was the thing to be. Once the greenhouse is built we'll recycle the concrete blocks we're tearing out in order to build the new green house into a new well house.  We have a general plan, or at least I thought we did when we started. The hairy half says he can see it in his head. I think I can see it in my head too, but I'm not sure were watching the same movie KWIM ?
A big part of the overall plan is to "do it on the cheap".  I don't have a big building budget and I don't want to dip into savings much. So I set out to convert some resources. First, gold is at an all time high, so I sold my class ring, another broken ring and dh tossed his class ring in as well (shhhh, don't tell his mom).  That was a good sized chunk of cash !  Next, we scared up all the scrap metal we could find. Bits of old fence, barn tin, dead appliances etc.  Sold that for scrap weight, and it was a medium sized chunk of change.  This, plus my saved up windows and stuff, was our seed - so to speak.

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  1. We will have one entire south facing wall of windows and then windows on two of the remaining 3 walls and believe me it will be plenty of light ! Big black plastic water barrels will provide radiant heating in the winter. great greenhouse site