Saturday, June 18, 2011

Things are starting to go up !

First, the building inspector doggies check with the builder and decide construction can go ahead. What a relief !

Then, the old roof over the garage part has to come off to make way for new framing and a new roof over that half of the garage and the greenhouse.

We are using bits and pieces of old metal roofing and siding for the roof. Since I have such an odd lot of stuff we laid it out like a patchwork quilt on purpose. I like my "roof of many colors". Did you expect it to be made of glass ? Most greenhouses are. But here in North Texas, we have two things to worry about with a green house --- Heat and Hail. We get hail every spring, from pea sized to soft ball sized. People who live in hail free zones can't imagine balls of ice the size of your fist raining down but it happens here with disheartening regularity.  We had polycarbonate panels on our chicken house for light, one hail storm and that was money down the drain. Those poly panes shredded like wet kleenex !  It will be much less trouble to keep this shed style green house warm in the winter than it will be to cool it in the summer (and spring and fall LOL). We will have one entire south facing wall of windows and then windows on two of the remaining 3 walls and believe me it will be plenty of light !  Big black plastic water barrels will provide radiant heating in the winter.
So, with the old roof off new supports go up and then the roof. Construction at last !

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