Saturday, June 18, 2011

The order of operations....

My dear husband works 40-60 hour weeks with 20 hr. minimum commute time. He usually works every other Saturday, and sometimes every Saturday for a couple of weeks at a time. So, sometimes we chose the next job in the progression based on how much time we had, rather than what might have been the next logical step.....I know, I know, it's not standard construction proceedure. Oh, well.
Which is why we dug and poured foundation trenches so early in the game. It's also why it is sometimes worth the money to rent time saving equipment like this trencher. The whirling blades make short work of tight spaces and tree roots.
This machine requires a good bit of upper body strength to control and navigate !  We sold a pick up truck load of scrap metal for enough to pay for the rental of this and lunch. Not a bad trade, eh ?

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  1. the green house, We planned to replace the shelves you can see here with sturdy ones that don't tip forward and unload their contents to the floor.