Monday, June 20, 2011

Plan B, or is it C ?

We had meant to keep the concrete block wall that was existing between the garage side and the green house side.  A little investigation uncovered deterioriating morter and futher prodding showed us that the whole wall was built without a hint of rebar. The holes in the blocks were stuffed with newspapers dated 1951.  DH leaned on a bit and it shifted and that was all it took. Now, that wall is coming down to be rebuilt. On the plus side it gives us the option to put in a barn style sliding door that will make it pretty easy to move large plants, loads of soil, shelving etc. in and out.

Here is the offending wall and a few of my salvaged doors and windows.

I got a great deal on a massive work table and an industrial exhaust fan at the auction Saturday night, I'll try and get pictures posted soon.

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