Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The importance of good drainage

 Now that the rest of the dividing wall is down, you can see the whole space that will become the greenhouse. We will put a new wall up with a barn-style sliding door in it for ease of moving heavy loads and large plants.
 Can you say water damage ? The sill plate and studs were just shot.
See the wavy edge where the corrugated tin was embedded in the concrete ? That's about all that was holding the wall up !
On Saturday we finished taking down the dividing wall between the garage and the future greenhouse. The prior owners had built them in such a way that the run off from one roof went right down the side of the next section and did we ever find wood rot ! Apparantly the only thing that has been holding the tin wall up at all is the fact that it was buried 4" into the concrete at the bottom, because the sill plate and the bottoms of all the studs were complete mush.

And, here's why progress is going so slowly right now:

Dang ! It's HOT !!
We plan to get framing started and an add'l support beam installed over 4th of July weekend but we are also taking some time off for some fun !

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  1. The back inside wall, clad in old barn boards. See the hinges ? A light will hang from them and a work table will be below. www.greenhousesblog.co.uk