Thursday, June 23, 2011

More demolition and a few good finds

You can see where the roots of the tree lifted the blocks and started the morter to crumbling. Dear Husband removing the last block. Not to say the wall was falling down, but he and I took it down in about an hour. The other half of the wall is metal and studs, but the studs are water rotted so it comes down next.

 The is the big work table we got at the auction for $10 and the industrial fan we got for $40.  DH's boss says he has a motor that will work on it and we can have it for free -- my favorite price ! Speaking of free, the 5 red vent covers and the barrell mover under the table were freebies ! Someone at the auction bought a lot and didn't want this part of it, so they gave it to us !
 This is my big, giant wheel barrow I bought for the whimsey of it. That's a quarter in it for size comparison - I think it's cute !
Lastly my yard sale find. These are four sets of shelves, two larger and two narrower sets. The legs are in the box to the right. The yard sale was over and they hadn't sold these. I cruised by a couple of times and finally found someone out in the yard. We settled on $35. for four sets of shelves that are plastic, so they won't rot, won't rust and if I have a plant that is diseased I can bleach them.  I am pretty happy with all the purchases but am anxious to get building again. DH has a weekend off (finally !) and we're planning to get into forward motion again.

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